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Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:00 pm
7 weeks  January 16 - February 27


Optional Overtime Confab 8:00-8:25pm

Join us for this friendly, easy going, and highly effective Group Meditation.

This seven week series will focus on:

  • Practices to bring deep relaxation to the body,
  • Techniques to quiet the mind,
  • Meditations to bring mindful presence to the breath.
  • Opening to the experience of stillness, awareness and presence.

Once a week makes a difference!

Give yourself this opportunity to release all those thoughts and worries of daily life and settle completely into the present moment. From here you can move easily into deep meditation that allows you to re-center, re-balance, and re-energize. Return to your life fortified with the calm, centering, and clarity that allows you to handle the rest of your week with wisdom and ease. 

NEW! Overtime Confab*
For those who can stay a little longer, this is a chance to ask questions and engage in some informal discussion and teaching. It's turning out to be the best part of the evening!
Confab informal (Confabulation)an informal private conversation or discussion.




Thursdays 7:00 - 8:30
6 week series  Jan 18 - Feb 22

If meditation is on your list of goals for 2018,this class will teach you everything you need to know to become a successful meditator and start reaping the benefits of meditation in your life.

You will receive a thorough grounding in the basics of meditation common to all traditions and learn the four main types of meditation: Breath, Mindfulness, Visualization, and Mantra so you can choose the style that fits best with your lifestyle and personality.

You will learn:

  • What meditation really is.
  • Benefits of Meditation.
  • Correct posture and the best posture for you.
  • How, when and where to meditate.
  • Techniques to Calm the Mind,
  • Meditations to relax the body and improve sleep
  • Meditations to reduce stress and anxiety. 
  • Tips to sustain a successful home practice.
  • A Meditation Routine that fits your lifestyle and personality.

Experience how just a few minutes of meditation each day will reduce stress, relieve anxiety, help you sleep, calm the mind, relax the body, reduce cravings, improve your attitude, improve your relationships, and begin to transform your life. 

  • Meditation brings calm, serenity, equanimity, tranquility, harmony and happiness. 
  • Meditation gives us tools to cope with life and liberates us from old patterns of thinking and behavior that no longer serve us.

Let 2018 be the year you begin, or re-establish, a personal meditation practice!





MARCH 1 - 4
Thursday Evening - Sunday Noon  
Alton Collins Retreat Center in Eagle Creek, Oregon


The perfect retreat to welcome Spring as a season of rebirth and rejuvenation for your body, mind, and meditation practice. It's such a simple phrase, "Begin. Again." Deceptively so. This simple concept contains levels and layers of wisdom we need as meditators to:

  • Cultivate the stable foundation for our daily practice both on and off the cushion.
  • Develop the equanimity necessary to practice advanced transformative techniques.
  • Master the practice of Meditation as both an Art and a Lifetstyle

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a truly transformative weekend:

  • Beautiful Natural Setting only 45 minutes from Portland.

  • Excellent food.

  • Sitting Meditation.

  • Walking Meditation.

  • Teaching & Discussion.

  • Periods of Reflection and Silence.

  • Immersion in the practice of Tonglen

  • An "Introvert Safe" environment  ; )

If you want to explore the depths of equanimity, peace and self-acceptance meditation makes possible, I encourage you to attend this retreat. It will change you.

We've been waiting years, literally, for the right time and place to hold this retreat. And the time is now. Reserve your spot! Space is limited.

Registration closes January 27.
This retreat is suitable for both beginning and advanced meditators.






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