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Cellulite refers to the appearance of dimpled skin on the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen. It’s mostly common in women, although in some cases can affect men as well. Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not a skin issue, or a fat (as in weight) issue. Cellulite is caused by a structural unevenness of fatty tissue beneath the skin surface, which is why skin treatments, diet and exercise don’t help get rid of it. The association with women is linked to the effect of estrogen hormone on the skin and soft tissues, which we do not fully understand. The cellulite results in dimpled, uneven skin with a cobblestone appearance or orange peel effect. While cellulite is common and does not affect your overall health in any way, it can be unsightly, and it may make you self-conscious when wearing shorts or a swimming suit.


What causes Cellulite?

There are 4 known things that can cause the appearance and increased dimpling of cellulite:

1.  The connective tissue/fiberous speptea bands beneath your skin surrounding fat cells become tight and inflexible.

2.  Pockets of fat then become “trapped” by the inflexible bands, pulling on the dermis or “bulging” upwards.

3.  Skin is thinning and losing it’s elasticity and collagen (which can cause an “exaggerated” appearance of cellulite).

4.  Reduced blood flow to the skin (which can cause discoloration, dryness, and decrease in nutrients to the effected area). 


Fat Cells



Situations Increasing the likelihood of Cellulite


Estrogen Therapy                              Fluid Rention                    Lack of Exercise

Liver Disorders                                 Smoking                            Medications (anti-depressants, anti-histamines, Beta-blockers)

Stress/Anxiety/Depression                Diet (high sugar, fats, salts, alcohol)

Elevated insulin levels                      Hormone Imbalances

Thyroid Disorders                             Venous Insufficiency (poor blood circulation)




Cellulite Treatments


There are a ton of advertised cellulite treatments, including massages and creams, which tout remarkable results. But unfortunately, most of these treatments don’t live up to the hype, because they do not treat cellulite at it’s actual structural source. Fortunately, there have been recent major technological breakthroughs, including ozone treatments.

Medical ozone, which is an ozone-oxygen mixture, has strong oxidizing properties. In addition, ozone also removes the microvascular disorder and displays of excess fluid accumulated in the tissues. The procedure improves overall muscle tone and stimulates blood circulation. In addition, ozone therapy has a strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immunomodulatory actions, making it widely applicable method in medicine for many diseases.

Cosmetic ozone therapy has an important role in removing toxins from the body through the various procedures. Ozone therapy has a general effect on the body, promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin and restores the natural properties of the skin to retain moisture and therefore maintain and keep its “healthy” look. Ozone therapy is very effective in removing and preventing cellulite, by aiding the body to break down the fiberous septea, decreasing the “fat pocket”, and increasing blood circulation.


Ozone for Cellulite, Stretch Marks and  Scar Therapy



Most people see results within 7-10 treatments.  On average it will take 10-20 treatments (depends on severity of dimpling).

          Front Thighs OR Back Thighs  (Left and Right)

                                       10 treatments (1-4 days apart x 2 weeks) paid in full at first tx   $1,000.00

          Single treatments (not paid in advance, PRN)   $120.00

          Both Front and Back of Thighs

                                       10 treatment (1-4 days apart x 2 weeks) paid in full at first tx    $1,700.00

          Single treatments (not paid in advance, PRN)   $200.00


                                     10 treatment (1-4 days apart x 2 weeks) paid in full at first tx   $800.00


Scar Tissue/Stretch Marks   $200.00/session



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